Danny King


Welcome to the official website of Danny King.

I am a musical entertainer for hire for weddings, functions, cabaret nights or corporate hospitality.

Based in Manchester UK, I travel the length and breadth of the UK performing your favourite songs in my own unique style

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Danny King is a vocalist and guitarist from Manchester in the U.K. He is a working Musician, performing covers from your favourite singers and bands in live music venues up and down the country and beyond. He has been playing Guitar since the age of 11 and singing on stage since he was 4 (with his Dad, also a gigging pro). Danny turned professional in 1999 at the tender age of 17 and has been crowd pleasing ever since.

His laid back style and effortless range have to be seen to be believed, and whatever era you're into, Danny has the repertoire to keep you entertained all night long. The shows can be tailored to suit any crowd and his versatility is something to behold, if you want to hear your favourite song by Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison et al. Followed by some chart hits then he'll do it. Or, if you want a particular style of Music for your evening (i.e 50's and 60's night or dance party set), Danny will accommodate you.